Are you ready to share your message with wider audience through the incredible medium of podcasting?

We can help you launch a podcast that connects with your ideal audience, expands your impact, and increases your income.

Want to learn everything you need to know to get your podcast launch with the help of an expert? Podcast Propel is my 8-week program to launch your podcast that connects with your audience and grows your business.

Need some help creating a game plan to get your podcast launched? Want guidance in creating a launch plan, including all the things you need to accopmlish to start a successful podcast? Our Podcast Strategy Sessions are perfect for you.

Do you want not just a strategy and launch plan, but also the implementation taken care of? Our Podcast Launch Implementation Package will allow us to work with you to create the strategy & plan as well as implement for you.

We are currently not accepting new clients, but you can book a consultation or podcasting strategy sessions today.

Podcast Launch Strategy + Implementation Package

What we will do for you:

  • Initial 60-minute strategy session to map out podcast launch plan and timeline
  • Additional 30-60 minute call during launch phase to touch base on progress
  • Decision support & strategy related to podcast name, artwork, music selection, intro, etc.
  • Podcast artwork design (3 initial concepts; 2 revisions after concept decided)
  • Project management of launch process over 2 month time period
  • Implementation to include the following:
  • Set up hosting account 
  • Set up necessary show details within hosting account
  • Submit show to all major platforms
  • Provide an example for a “coming soon” page on your website to help promote the podcast launch
  • Provide an example for a “subscribe” page on your website to act as a landing page for your website
  • Dropbox folder organization for audio files and episode graphics, etc.
  • Google form to collect your guests bio, social handles, & headshot 
  • Trello board with podcast workflow set up so you can see exactly where each episode is at in the process
  • Edit & prep all content for 3 episodes prior to launch (premium edit, show notes, social graphics & copy, uploading t

What you will need to do:

  • Meet (via video call) for the initial 60 minute session
  • Meet for additional 30-60 minute session 1 month later (if needed)
  • Provide final decisions regarding show name, artwork, launch date, etc.
  • Purchase your preferred music
  • Record your initial 3 episodes + upload to shared Dropbox folder
  • Provide name of episodes 
  • Create hosting account
  • Provide login details via Lastpass for hosting account and any other tools we use (WordPress, Canva, social scheduling tools, etc)
  • NOTE: You must have established brand colors & fonts for us to create your graphics. If you do not have an established brand, please let us know and we can add on a branding package, or you will want to have this completed before the podcast launch.

We are not accepting new clients at this time. However, I would love to help you with our Podcast Strategy Sessions.

Esther is a process strategist and brilliant with podcasting knowledge. Launching and managing a podcast is a separate project in your business, and you absolutely need someone to either guide you or spearhead the project… which is why I chose her to help me launch my podcast.

Natalie Gingrich

Founder, The Ops Authority