Are you ready to streamline your podcast, save time, and grow your audience?

We can help you get organized, stop wasting time on things aren’t your strengths, and increase your impact by marketing your podcast effectively.

Want to learn the exact system of how to manage your podcast from week-to-week that we use for our 1:1 clients? Learn a process that will help you save time, stop winging it each week, and more effectively connect with your ideal audience. Get my free workflow checklist and be the first to know when additional resources are available.

Need help streamlining your podcast process, growing your podcast audience, or determining what changes are needed in order to reach your goals? Book a consultation with me and I will provide honest, objective feedback to help you. My superpower is seeing what other people don’t see and making things better and I’d love to help you.

Would you like to focus on just recording your content and allow our team to manage everything else? Relax knowing your podcast will be handled with care and produced with excellence. Learn more below.

Your business is growing and your podcast is the key component in your content strategy.

But you’re still doing all the things to manage your podcast, or you’re busy managing the process and people involved.

What if you could just focus on doing what you love the most: creating the content?

What if it was possible to achieve the high quality podcast that you are looking for without having the manage or do all of it yourself?

Embrace your CEO status and spend your time making your highest impact, and stop getting bogged down in the details of your content production.

The Shine Online Podcast Service will allow you to relax and know that your podcast is being handled with care from the moment you finish recording all the way to publishing to social media posting.

This full service support will free up your time, create consistency, and help increase your visibility.

What we will provide for you with our Podcast Management Services:

  • Dropbox folder organization for audio files and episode graphics, etc.
  • Google form to collect your guests bio, social handles, & headshot 
  • Trello board with podcast workflow set up so you can see exactly where each episode is at in the process
  • Edit episodes 
  • Feedback to improve audio quality (if needed)
  • Write show notes
  • Extract quotes for social media and/or click-to-tweet options within blog post
  • Create graphics for podcast episode (5-6 per episode) to be used in post and on social media
  • Upload show notes to WordPress, format, and publish
  • Insert email opt-in on show notes (as indicated)
  • Create social copy for episode (3-4 platforms)
  • Schedule social media posts for episode (using scheduling tool)
  • Upload audio file to podcast host
  • Upload show notes to podcast host
  • Schedule podcast for appropriate date
  • Create Wavve video with a clip from podcast
  • Draft paragraph related to the podcast and link to episode for podcast episode (to be used in your email newsletter)
  • Track stats and report monthly
  • Management of entire process (so you don’t have to worry about any of the details)

What you do as the client:

  • Schedule recording with your guests as needed
  • Record podcast episode
  • Upload podcast file to Dropbox within 5 business days prior to episode airing
  • Inform us of your episode title and any specifics (i.e. if there’s a particular section of the episode you need cut, if there’s a clip you’d prefer for the wavve file, if there’s a preferred image, quote, or graphic to be used)
  • Provide guest headshot & bio (if not provided via the Google form)
  • Give us access to your social media scheduling tools via LastPass (we primarily use SmarterQueue and Later)

INVESTMENT: $1800/month for a weekly podcast

We are currently not accepting new clients for this service. However, you are welcome to book a consultation call so that I can help you streamline and create a system that will work for you and your team!